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About Us

Thank you for visiting us here at HelmetZoo.com. We appreciate your interest in giving your children a fun way to stay safe while practicing the sports they love; in fact, our number one goal here at HelmetZoo is to provide the helmet covers that will help promote safety for children all over the world. Our own children are the most important things in the world to us, and anything we can do to help keep them safe is time and/or money well spent. Knowing the sympathy pain that comes when a child just scrapes their knee is bad enough, but trying to imagine a serious injury that could have easily been prevented is unimaginable. Helping parents and children avoid injury is why we are in business, and if we can do that while helping kids have fun safely, then our goals have been met.

Most kids aren't too excited to wear a plain helmet that they may think looks dorky; and for parents to try and find ways to make helmet wearing fun is a constant, uphill battle. But with a HelmetZoo helmet cover, kids get excited to wear their helmets because they are fun and exciting. The kids can express themselves through their helmet cover, they can find a new friend, and best of all, they will be more excited to stay safe. We here at HelmetZoo strive to provide ways for parents to make safety fun and personal. After all, we know how kids love to express themselves, and they simply can't get that level of expression with traditional store bought helmets, but with a unique HelmetZoo helmet cover, they will enjoy being themselves and you will enjoy them being safe!

HelmetZoo.com is a division of ESL Squared LLC based in Geneva, Illinois. 

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